Weekend at school?

Two weeks down and school works has been piling up endlessly - I try to dodge the pressure by completing tasks as soon as possible but still, I found myself at school on a saturday.
OK to be fair, it wasnt really school related ( actually, it is) but Im just meeting up with my friends to discuss about the upcoming economics project that is compulsory for IB students.

Were we productive?

you be the judge

Technically, non art students are not allowed here so we spent exactly 3 minutes borrowing markers ( and aprons_

What is Katina painting? An apron.

What is Wendy and Katina painting? Aprons.

We cant paint but at least we look like we can

we try very hard

What is Greselva thinking? pizza. or clouds. or unicorns. or maybe just pizza.

'' VA liat kamera dong''

Typical school girl Elva!

And today, 24th of January marks as a significant date because its my father's birthday! Like I said, It wasn't until I came to another country that I realised how blessed I am to have such a lovely household, and I have my father to thank for that. 

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!

there is so much stuff going on