Lyfe Goales

Katina Irwan's goals

1. Find a job that I love

2. Travel the world

3. Get a good home

4. Surround myself with people that matter

Yep, this is pretty much it! I cant think of any other ways to be happier if I achieved all of these! Right now I have this urge to break free from this monotonous cycle we call life and just go on a spontaneous adventure! Like, hop on a bus to another country or go book a ticket to some exotic country ( deal with parents later), throw away all books and go backpacking in a forest ( get eaten by bears), get a tattoo or a new belly button piercing without informing anyone ( get thrown out of home) or anything at all, really.
I feel like all my life Ive been so focused on my own safe bubble that I sometimes forgot that there is the 'real' world out there. Right now, my whole world revolves around school, what's in and what's out, what's cool and what's not - its sad that I spent so much time obsessing over stuffs that are of little importance. ''is this dress kool or no''
Its sad that I lack spontaneity. Ive always been the type of girl who neatly plans out her schedule and dutifully ticks off her tasks at the end of the day. I order the same starbucks drink (pre-lactose intolerant days), watch the same movies over and over again, read the same novel twice, take the same bus home - you get the gist. Familiarity comforts me and I guess I dont have that risk-taking personality going on. Which is why I feel that I miss out so much on life opportunities! I wish, more than anything else, that I could see the world someday, go on an adventure and learn to get out of this self-absorbed attitude. Actually, it doesn't have to be that big a change. Basically, I want to live the crap outta my life. The world is a huge canvas and all this time Ive been coloring it with my own limited theories and thoughts. Maybe its time to be more open-minded, be less stubborn and actually start learning from experience? At least by acknowledging this, I have made a start to take action (?)
At least Ive always been so goal orientated.
At least I can learn from past mistakes
at least, at least, at least.

But first, I have to finish IB.

Honestly, the prospect of ticking off my goals above is the only thing that motivates me right now.

But here's to a new year, and to challenges, opportunities and spontaneity! 

And here is to a more optimistic realistic me!

Yours truly,