Still alive guys.

I cannot believe Im in Indonesia. Even though Ive its only been three months since I last came home, for me it felt like an eternity and honestly speaking, Im still not used with the idea of long distance relationship with my hometown ( insert dry laughter). Pathetic fact 1 - the moment I reached my hostel last august, I never bothered to unpack my suitcase because Im already looking forward to go home. This is so bad. 
For the past days, Ive been spending my days detoxing from hectic schedules. Ive diligently joined yoga every morning, drank tea and lemon water religiously, read tons of books and biographies, watched movies at night while curled up in my sofa, and Ive ditched my gadgets 90% of the time. 
Its not that hard for me since Im not a gadget-person at home anyways, Ive gotten accustomed to angry texts from my friends demanding me to reply and even missed out school emails occasionally. 
But there is so much leisure stuff  ( such as learning to play the piano once again) that ive yet to do that it seems so wasteful. Ive been getting plenty of sleep too, finally! Although my sister is often up late studying for prelims so I have to make do with that annoying tiny light. I dont get why people do that, study so late at night when they have all the time during the morning and afternoon. It is so frustrating seeing people downloading movies, reading comic books, and going through Instagram feed and then getting all panicky when homeworks arent done. get your priorities straight, people. And your schedule needs tweaking. 
Other than that, Ive met up with several of my friends 

Miss Marisa!! 

and caught up with the girls through lunch dates and baking sessions, I swear Im lucky to have found people who knows me for who I am and dont judge me for it. *karaoke session soon? ;)

Pictures below from the Batari concert : 

Im just so, so glad to be home.