Some of the reading list for these past few days!

1. Second Chance Summer

It tells a story about a girl ( Taylor) whose father is diagnosed with cancer, and his last wish is to spend his last summer at the beach, just like the old days. For Taylor, it means revisiting the past and going back to bad histories. I cried so hard for this book, it is simply so heart wrenching!

2. Dont look back

Im still nuts for psychological thrillers and this one contains plot twists and the usual 'who dunnit' atmosphere, overall an enjoyable read to pass time but cant beat Abigail Haas' 'Dangerous boys' and 'Dangerous girls'. Its about an ex-mean girl who wakes up with amnesia at the hospital and basically she just tries to figure out how she ended there. And to find her missing best friend.

3. Girl Online

This one was by the teen youtube sensation 'Zoella Sugg'' and apparantly she tops J.K Rowling as a bestseller so I was intrigued. It turned out as a fun read, the typical cute story you read to pass your days but with no exceptional storyline - if you get what I mean.

4. Love without Limits

I found this book while browsing in Kinokuniya Bangkok and was so glad that I decided to purchase it. Ive always respected Nick Vujicic for his optimistic view of life and here I am complaining about Singapore. This is why I love books that can snap me out of my childishness and knock some sense into my head.

5. Prophecy of the sisters trilogy
This one is actually an old favourite, I dont usually like books written in such formal prose and languages but I cant help but be drawn to Lia's world. There are so much riddles and hidden meaning in every words and there is that satisfaction when all of them just click at the end of the trilogy. 


I came across this trailer while searching about some random movie and I was immediately attracted with the plot since I was am a Mr.Darcy fan myself. The movie was hilarious and I found myself actually laughing out loud - but dont take my word for it. I have a strange sense of humor.
I also had the chance to watch Gone Girl and found it to be disturbing, although I had finished the book beforehand and knew what is going to happen. I just did not expect the movie to be so graphic and grotesque. All in all, I love Rosamund Pike and the way she managed to portray herself as Amazing Amy!