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I remember back when I was in the primary days, thinking that Christmas eve is so much better than Christmas itself, for the sole reason that we can anticipate the event in our heads, fill the house with fairy lights and listen to Christmas songs all day long. Right now my mind is reeling and I still cant believe Christmas has come and gone. 
The thing is, I cant believe the year has gone so fast! Sure, in Singapore it had seemed excruciatingly sloow. I'd scratch off dates from the calendar and pray so hard for vacation to start again and then I'd rush to the airport at 6 AM even though my boarding time is at 3 PM. ( do.not.judge.) 
I looove the feeling of being in the airport, knowing that you'll be in the comfort of your own home very soon-and that you get to ditch your work even for a little while. Ive been giving shit advices to people who ask me about being an IB student and frankly speaking, Im beginning to regret taking the diploma. Its much more than what Ive bargained for, with all the homeworks and assessments ( heck, I thought I'd be done with biology and maths after GCSEs!). I dont procrastinate, which helps a lot in my time management, but it is a huge, huge leap from the workload I got in SIS. I dont mean to scare you, and Im not saying that you should not take IB. In fact, it is a very good programme to train you to be an all rounded student and gives you excellent preparation for university.
But then again, I believe its not for everyone. Im quite thankful for my subject combination.
To all you graduates who is currently thinking of applying to schools abroad, here's a piece of advice. 


I didn't do mine. I was so dizzy with the terminologies suddenly thrown to my face - bachelor, foundation, degrees..etcetera that I decided to ignore it ( to the heck with it right?! WRONG). 
You see, this is my mistake and I came to Singapore with no prior knowledge about IB. I only know that it is the abbreviation for a very sophisticated name ( International Baccalaureate) and I would have to write a long ass essay about a topic of my choice, plus have an extra course called 'Theory Of Knowledge'. Sometimes I would listen to stories from my friends already in universities and feel a twinge of regret for choosing this path. Then again, I did not know what major I'd like to take, so I thought by taking the IB, I would have an extra 2 years to have that figured out. 
Anyways, just do your research before you commit to anything. It would save you so much trouble. And you'd be so much happier knowing what to expect. 

Many had asked if I regret going abroad to pursue my studies. Ive given them mixed answers and end up confusing them even more. Honestly speaking, I think Im just unprepared and too attached to home. Im very sentimental and the main reason why I even took up photography as a hobby in the first place is because I like to conserve moments. I dont like change, and I find it hard to be stripped of my comfort zone so suddenly. Ya I still get homesick and I wouldn't sleep peacefully without sky-ping my mom for at least an hour every night. Mom used to joke that its good I dont have a boyfriend yet since I'd be the 'clingy girlfriend' that we hate *no mom no*. With that being said, I like my new school and the people there are generally nice and friendly - save for some scary people. Ive surprisingly gotten grades higher than I expected and Ive even started joining activities. Ive adopted the 'just go with the flow' attitude and I think its been helping me a lot. And also, me and Elva would keep each other motivated each time we came across a good quote :)

Its just that If I have the choice to re-evaluate my study path choices, I think I might (?)
Being stressed leads to missing home and I dont think Im having the time of my life there.

Feel free to drop me messages at (katina.irwan@gmail.com) 
if you want to ask any specific questions because god knows I was desperate for information last year.