Being Chihiro


I was working on some techniques for my videos and since I visited Jiufen last october, I was inspired to do one relating to Spirited Away.
Now, to put it bluntly, Im not a fan of the movie. It terrifies me as a child and still disturbs me to this date. I think there is something about the possibility of being stuck in a spiritual place forever and the sight of parents being turned into pigs that boosts up the creepy factor. And  dont even get me started with the no-face-guy..

This turned out to be very challenging because I have no prior experience and incorporating real human into an anime world seemed impossible at first. Lets not talk about how I had to remove the 'anime chihiro' frame by frame every second. I think im quite satisfied for my first time even though the flaws are quite obvious HAHA.

Ten-year-old Chihiro Ogino and her parents are traveling to their new home when her father takes a wrong turn. They unknowingly enter a magical world that Chihiro's father insists on exploring. While Chihiro's parents eat like pigs at an empty restaurant stall, Chihiro finds an exquisite bathhouse and meets a young boy named Haku who warns her to return across the river before sunset. However, Chihiro discovers too late that her parents have turned into actual pigs and she is unable to cross the flooded river, becoming trapped in the spirit world.
She then was given the pinkish uniform to start working at the bathhouse.. the story goes on.