Old picture!

Strange things have been happening to me lately and some of them has been creeping me out. Just the other night, I woke up at precisely 4:37 AM all sweaty even though the AC is on at 18 degrees. I could've sworn that I heard someone humming at the other side of the room beside my sister's bed.
For the last 2 weeks, Ive been getting weird, vivid dreams that felt so real - its not until I wake up that I realize some of the parts dont make any sense at all. Twice I woke and even though my mind is perfectly alert and clear, I couldn't seem to move my arms or legs. I cant even speak. It was terrifying, Im telling you. You have the feeling that you're being watched, and yet you cant run. The second time It happened, my maid was in the room and I was able to see her arranging the books on the shelves, but I just lay there in my bed, unable to move and petrified that I wont be able to wake up ever. Sounds so corny but you have to be in my shoes to actually feel the horror, ok?!  Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, unable to move. And knowing that you are not alone. It happened again this morning and I can now identify the signs. For me, it started as a distant sound, the humming/buzzing gets louder and louder by the second, and I feel myself being pulled down deeper into the unconscious state(?) *idontevenunderstand. Then slowly, you wont be able to move your legs and arms, then you cant even open your eyes anymore. You just have to stay there, listening as the buzzing goes louder and louder, feeling helpless. But THEN. The buzzing stops completely and you realize you are dreaming. This is the freaking cool part. My body is sleeping, but my mind is conscious and awake. Im aware that Im dreaming and instead of seeing myself as an audience in my other dreams, I was actually participating and experiencing the dream first hand. I dont mean to scare you like I scared my sister * she decided to camp in mom and dad's room.  If anything, Im actually fascinated with the whole thing!

ok Im going to stop now because Im acutely aware I sound like a fool and I dont want my first post of the year to sound dumb

Happy New Year Guys!

2014 kinda, sorta suck a wholee lot for me, but Its undeniably the year that lessons were learnt and experiences gained.
but here is all the best to 2015!