Movies I recently watched


I initially thought to watch this because I wanted to distract myself from schoolworks and Ive heard many reviews bout how it twisted and rearranges your mind. Im sure most of you will already have heard of this film but it talks about dreams and the subconscious mind.

The hundred Foot Journey

I love watching food being prepared. Although Im shameful to admit that I can be quite the food picker, when it comes to observing the whole process in the kitchen, Im intrigued. How a pinch of cinnamon or a dust of sugar can make such huge differences continues to baffle me. The film talks about cultural differences in making foods and how innovation can sometimes be the best thing.

What to expect when you're expecting

I love comedies. I truly appreciate anything that can make me laugh and I came upon this by accident.

The best of me

Im a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks! Although some would argue that the plot is too tragic at times, I think Sparks captures the true essence of life without sugarcoating any situations. Makes the readers appreciate life so much more. Im especially excited that Liana Liberato will be portraying the young Amanda!


Theory of everything

Need I say more? the trailer gave me chills

Love, Rosie

Gone girl


2 more weeks still school is out and I am already counting down! I cant wait to toss away the stress of this whole school package/IB package. Or even the whole Singapore Package. Cant wait to bury it deep down in my brain and throw it away until 2015. I literally cant believe I consider myself stressed in the past years. Waking up at 7 PM to have breakfast already prepared, having a car to travel anywhere, then coming home to a home with family and then enjoying a home cooked dinner.
AND HAVING NO HOMEWORKS MOST OF THE TIME. And not taking tests seriously. And air conditioner 24/7.

why am I ranting again.

On the positive side, Im soo happy christmas spirit is beginning to show and I look forward to be home next Saturday <3 p="">