Bikram Yoga Katong

Im sitting in a cafe near East coast, sipping on a heavenly cold coconut water and devouring a chicken fajita wrap. I have just finished an extreme hot bikram yoga session and have never felt happier and lighter since ever!
Ive always wanted to do yoga but had always found a reason to not join up. So when I found out about this Yoga place VERY near the place where I live, I had no reasons to postpone.
Let me tell you, after only two sessions, I felt happier, accomplished and far more relaxed on my outlook on life. I DONT KNOW WHY. Maybe Its me being melodramatic but hot yoga is extremely challenging (at least for me ) and demands concentration. For an hour and a half, I dedicated my thoughts into balancing in the perfect posture and all my worries and problems vanish - at least for a while.

The place is called 'Bikram Yoga Katong' and the instructors are very friendly and calls you by your name! People were very supportive and encouraging towards each other, and overall, im just looking forward to my next lesson already!

40 degrees in the room!

all fresh faced and excited

dead at the end, but fully satisfied and refreshed!